Aceology Anti-Aging Gold Eye Mask


The Aceology Anti-Aging Gold Eye Mask is a bite-sized secret weapon to younger, brighter and more supple skin. The miracle blend of ingredients will tone and hydrate skin, helping to reduce under-eye tiredness and fine lines with each use.

Firming ~ Hydrating ~ Brightening 

These rubbery serum soaked patch masks ergonomically cover all bases under the eye to hydrate, tone and reinstate a healthy glow to skin; nourishing it with all the good stuff to press a quick rewind on the clock. The small hydrogel sheet mask for each gorgeous eye is created with next-gen Korean Technology and a nourishing formula that is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. They’re chock-a-block with peptides which trick the skin into producing more collagen, restoring bounce and reducing fine lines; botanicals yarrow, honeysuckle and gotu kola soothe, smooth and protect and sodium hyaluronate gives thirsty skin the plumping hydration boost it needs.