Our story began with a clear purpose; to empower women to be kinder to themselves. 

We bring together a curated selection of kindly-made products to help you become the ultimate gift-giver and to help the important women in your life on their journey to self love.

We believe it’s the small habits that can change your life - how you spend your mornings, how you talk to yourself, what you read, and who you share your energy with. 

That’s why we connect with like-minded makers who share our respect for simple and functional wellness products. 

Our gift boxes are lovingly handpicked and designed to provide the ultimate self-care fix.

Each purchase you make will also help women outside of your immediate circle, with a percentage from each box donated to local women's community shelters.

Kindness is magic. Let’s spread it far and wide.

X x

Nairi and Cherie, co-founders