Mihan Aromatics Discovery Set 6 x 3ml


Explore the full collection of scents with Mihan Aromatic's Discovery Set.

Mihan Aromatics™ parfums are designed and developed, hand filled and assembled, with pride and passion in Melbourne, Australia. They are cruelty-free and vegan certified.

Includes 6 x 3ml sample vials.


Sienna Brume - We love how refreshing and summery Sianna Brume is - the balance of notes is spot on and this wears so beautifully on both men and women.

Mikado Bark - We love the Sandalwood in Mikado Bark that really shines through once the spice has settled. It feels warm and comforting on the skin. And of course we love the local element of Mikado Bark as who doesn't enjoy a peaceful afternoon in the park surrounded by falling leaves with your favourite book.

Guilty Story - We love how playful Guilty Story is - so much fun to wear as the sweetness of the Vanilla mingles with the spices and conjures hot summer nights getting up to mischief!

Petrichor Plains - We love how Petrichor Plains really captures the smell of a thunderstorm. It has got the feel of hot concrete and the relief of a summer storm!

Munlark Ash - We love the warm, smoky depth of Munlark Ash. It has a familiar and comforting warmth that sits beautifully on the skin with a slightly smoky linger that balances that warmth perfectly.
+ a very special sample perfume of a fragrance still in development!